The Xavier Dads’ Club is a service organization that exists specifically for the benefit of our daughters as Xavier students.

The mission of the Xavier Dads’ Club is to create opportunities for Xavier students to join with their fathers in a variety of annual events that enhance father-daughter relationships, support academic endeavor, and expand extra-curricular alternatives.

The Dads’ Club also serves the School by organizing, underwriting, and staffing a wide range of scholastic, community, and philanthropic events.

The Dads’ Club enhances the uniqueness of the Xavier experience by allowing dads and daughters to grow and share during these pivotal college preparatory years.

Membership benefits of the XCP Dads’ Club are not limited to pizza and refreshments at each monthly meeting.

You have an opportunity to volunteer your time and talents as an example to your daughter.

Dads’ Club events are an excellent way to enhance your connection to Xavier and the incredible memories your daughter will experience and retain the rest of her life.

Many alumni fathers still return to events and meetings, a testimony to the friendships and experiences that will benefit you every bit as much as your daughter.
As many of us in the Dads’ Club know, there are precious few years remaining when she can still be “your little girl” – the XCP Dad’s Club will help you maximize the time with your daughter while she is here at Xavier – while assisting other dads to have pinnacle experiences as well.

We’re looking forward to serving with you.